Print Publicity

Wide spread publishing method. Unbeatable media for advertising

There is no second thought when it comes to deciding which is the wide spread publishing method. Undoubtedly, print media. This has been the unbeatable media due to the fact that print media was the first and the most traditional form of advertising from time immemorial.

At Mudras, we offer complete solution for print media wants like:

  • Logo deigning
  • Brochure designing
  • Poster designing
  • Business Card designing
  • Signage designing
  • Advertisement structuring (Newspaper and magazines)

a.   Logo Designing

Logo is a one picture unique identification symbol that represents the character, the work dynamics and the products/services of the company. It carries a lot of weightage because the logo is going to precede the company’s name wherever it is being represented. In such a case, it is always wise to consult, think, rethink and finalize upon the best that you feel will be the apt one for your enterprise. This obviously means getting the best logo designers to work for creating your identity.

b.   Brochure Designing

Brochures are neat presentations that are few sizes lesser than an A4 paper but loaded with all the essential details of the information to be contained. A brochure is the small size of a web page and holds equal importance as the website itself. The way it is designed, its aesthetic sense of color, font and picture placing forms the characteristics of a high quality brochure.
Usually, brochures are prepared for
• Business marketing plan
• Event invitation
• Business proposal

c.   Poster Designing

Posters are more far reaching and posted in places where a large crowd of public pass by, like on common walls, central halls of work places and educational organizations, notice boards etc,. The purpose of creating a poster is to catch the attention of people, give them the shortest possible version of what information is to be conveyed in a way that the information stays with them.

The overall design satisfies the following conditions:

  • Using backgrounds themes and pleasing colours
  • Effective space management
  • Creating text legibly
  • Using graphics for a deep impact.

d.   Business Card Designing

The very beauty of a business card is that it literally resides with the client and is always accessible. The discovery of Business cards is touted as the biggest boon to any organization. That one small card has the potential to make or break an agreement. It is like presenting your company in a first impression.

While creating a card for you we take the following factors very seriously:
• Typography
• Layout
• Object placement
• Printing standards

e.   Signage Designing

Signage or sign boards literally show the way around in daily life. We, as public have been guided by sign boards in our neighborhood or in totally new places where signboards become our companion. There are different types of sign boards suited for each purpose of display:

  • Way finding – Place director signs
  • Branding – Depicting the building with a sign representing its business inside
  • Primary signage – Key signs referring major parts of the building
  • Secondary signage – Signs identifying specific parts of the building
  • Tertiary signage – small signs like no parking, restroom, storage room etc,
  • Technology – use of monitor screens for signage display

f.   Print Media Advertisement

Maximum mileage is gained still, by organizations that publicize via newspapers and magazines. We see countless advertisements on the paper and that is where the challenge lies in, to make your advertisement stand out.
While giving advertisement in the local dailies, it is in the hands of customers to choose the size of their space. We take over after that, by placing the essential information properly placed, that will elicit the expected outcome.
Banner designing for outdoor purpose is a whole different ball game altogether. The important criteria that make the passersby take notice of our banner are:
• Overall color
• Logo prominence
• Text placement
• Clarity of phrase

"My experience in working with Mudras was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing. Thank you for making the process a very pleasant experience.".


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